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Celebrities & Other Famous People Who Wear Fashionable Eyewear

The ubiquitous eyeglasses can be found adorning the face of all persons ranging from a common man to the most famous celebrities in the world.

The fashion quotient of any eyewear is determined by the fact whether celebrities endorse them or not. If people find a particular pair of sunglasses being used by a very popular, famous and pretty model, the demand for the brand increases.

The loyalties of the masses to the designs and styles of sunglasses is often determined by the choices celebrities make.

Celebrities flaunt sunglasses better than most others and it seems as if no celebrity is willing to be seen in public without a pair of their favorite sunglasses perched on the bridge of their nose.

A quick peek into the celebrity world reveals the very interesting preferences of the celebrities when it comes to choosing sunglasses.

Celebrities Who Sport Fashionable Eyewear

The choice of the glitterati helps the common man deduce the latest trends in eyewear for the season. Fashion celebrities often act as the barometer to gauge the hottest choices for the season. Some celebrities who sport eyewear include:

o Catherine Zeta Jones has floored many critics with her natural talent and spontaneity. She is also known to be very particular about her fashion sense.
She has been seen sporting a Dolce & Gabbaba sunglass. This choice suits her face as the big and bold shades look classy on her sharp features.

o Nick Albert can be safely described as being obsessed with looking fashionable. Even something as small as a pair of sunglass does not escape his attention. He permits nothing other than designer sunglasses to adorn his face.

o Paris Hilton can be safely described as a star who has attained global fame and global notoriety. She sports a pair of the new Oakley Sunglasses. Interestingly, she prefers shades from a line launched exclusively for women.

o For Heidi Klum, nothing other than her classic Aviator sunglasses will suffice. This super girl cum super model has preferred Ray Ban sunglasses in the past. She prefers big shades that completely cover the eye.